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Cattle baron is a historic term for a local businessman and landowner who possessed great power or influence[1] through the operation of a large ranch with many beef cattle. Cattle barons in the late 19th century United States were also sometimes referred to as cowmen,[2] stockmen, or just ranchers. In Australia, similar individuals owned large cattle stations. A similar phenomenon occurred in part of Canada in the early twentieth century.

Notable examples[edit]

In the American Old West:

In Australia:

In Canada:

In England:

  • Jonathan Wall (Cambridge) (Baron of Cambridge who held a significant amount of land on which he kept several thousand cattle)

In popular culture[edit]

Cattle barons appear in numerous Western novels and films, often as villains. Such films include Broken Lance (1954), Lawman (1971) and Heaven's Gate (1980).

In the Fallout (series), Brahmin barons are exactly the same as cattle baons but herd mutated livestock instead of normal animals.

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