Catwoman's Whip

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Catwoman's Whip
Entrance Catwoman's Whip.jpg
Catwoman's Whip Entrance
Previously known as Poison Ivy's Tangled Train (2000-2006)
Six Flags New England
Coordinates 42°2′13.5″N 72°36′42″W / 42.037083°N 72.61167°W / 42.037083; -72.61167Coordinates: 42°2′13.5″N 72°36′42″W / 42.037083°N 72.61167°W / 42.037083; -72.61167
Status Operating
Opening date May 5, 2000
General statistics
Type Steel – Family
Manufacturer Zierer
Designer Zierer
Model Family coaster
Track layout Double figure 8 [1]
Height 26.25 ft (8.00 m)
Drop 20 ft (6.1 m)
Length 1,181 ft (360 m)
Speed 22.4 mph (36.0 km/h)
Inversions 0
Duration 2:30
Capacity 1250 riders per hour
Height restriction 41 in (104 cm)
Catwoman's Whip at RCDB
Pictures of Catwoman's Whip at RCDB

Catwoman's Whip is a steel family-style roller coaster located at Six Flags New England. The track has a double figure eight layout with theming consistent with the DC Comics antihero Catwoman.


The ride was originally called Poison Ivy's Tangled Train, however for unknown reasons it was rethemed to Catwoman in 2007.

There had been on and off confusion over the coaster’s actual name with conflicting information from different sources. Park website and map information usually named it Poison Ivy’s Twisted Train, but the sign on the roller coaster itself used the Tangled Train designation. The Six Flags website has apparently corrected this for 2006 and used the Tangled Train name until the name was changed to Catwoman's Whip.


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