Caucau River

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The scandal-ridden bridge over the Cau-cau River has to be demolished and rebuilt in 2017.[1]
Mapa No. 31. Provincia de Valdivia-7930038.jpg
Isla Teja in a 1903 map.
Country Chile

Caucau River is minor river in the city of Valdivia, southern Chile. Caucau River acts as a regulating channel between Cruces River and Calle-Calle River forming the Isla Teja island in front of the city centre. It confluence with Calle-Calle River marks the beginning of Valdivia River. '[2]

The subsidence caused by the 1960 Valdivia earthquake caused a permanent flooding of parts botanical garden of the Austral University of Chile that were next to Caucau River.[3]


Coordinates: 39°47′52″S 73°15′23″W / 39.79778°S 73.25639°W / -39.79778; -73.25639