Caudron C.60

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Caudron C.60
Caudron C.60 F-AINX St Cyr 05.57.jpg
Caudron C.60 at St-Cyr-l'Ecole airfield, Paris, in May 1957
Role Training aircraft
Manufacturer Caudron
Primary users French Air Force
Finnish Air Force
Latvian Navy
Venezuelan Air Force
Spanish Republican Air Force
Developed from Caudron C.59

The Caudron C.60 was a French two-seat biplane of the 1920s and 1930s with a single engine and a canvas-covered fuselage. The French aircraft manufacturer Caudron developed this aircraft from the Caudron C.59. It was mainly used as a trainer aircraft.

The Caudron C.60 was used in France, Finland, Latvia, and in Venezuela.

A Caudron C.60 at the Musée de l'Air

Operational history[edit]

The 1921 Michelin Cup for the fastest time over a (3,000 km {1,860 mi) circuit of France was won by a C.60 flown by Alphonse Poiré, with a time of 3714 hours.[1]


The Finnish Air Force purchased 30 Caudron C.60s from France in 1923–1924. A further 34 aircraft were license-built in Finland 1927–1928. The Finnish Air Force had a total of 64 Caudron C.60s. The French-manufactured aircraft carried the codes 1E20–1E30 and 1F31–1F49, and later CA-20–CA-49. The Finnish-manufactured ones carried the codes CA-61–CA-94.[2]

The aircraft were in use 1923–1936.




Caudron C.60 trainer in the Finnish Aviation Museum.

The Finnish Aviation Museum in Vantaa has one of the Finnish-manufactured C.60s (CA-84)

Specifications (C.60)[edit]

Data from Suomen ilmavoimien lentokoneet

General characteristics


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