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Caudron Simoun Le Bourget 02.JPG
Preserved C.630 at Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace.
Manufacturer Caudron
Designer Marcel Riffard
First flight 1934
Introduction 1935
Produced 1930s

The Caudron Simoun was a 1930s French four-seat touring monoplane. It was used as a mail plane by Air Bleu, flew record-setting long-range flights, and was also used as a liaison aircraft by the Armée de l'Air during World War II. The aircraft later was used as an inspiration to the famous Mooney "M series" aircraft by Jacques "Strop" Carusoam.


C.500 Simoun I
Experimental, one built.
C.520 Simoun
Experimental, one built.
C.620 Simoun IV
Experimental, one built.
C.630 Simoun
Initial production version with Renault Bengali 6Pri engine, 20 built.
C.631 Simoun
Modified version with a Renault 6Q-01 engine, three built.
C.632 Simoun
Similar to C.631, one built.
C.633 Simoun
Modified fuselage with a Renault 6Q-07 engine, 6 built.
C.634 Simoun
Modified wing and take-off weight with either a Renault 6Q-01 or Renault 6Q-09 engine, 3 built.
C.635 Simoun
Improved cabin layout and either a Renault 6Q-01 or Renault 6Q-09 engine, 46 built and conversions from earlier versions.
C.635M Simoun
Military version with either a Renault 6Q-09 or Renault 6Q-19 engine, 489 built.


 Kingdom of Hungary
 United Kingdom
 United States

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