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Caudron Typhon 1937.jpg
C.641 Typhon (high-speed version) With a view to attacking a number of long distance records, including that for 5,000 km, the French pilot Rossi testing his Renault - engined Caudron Typhon at Istres aerodrome.- flight magazine - 1937
Role High-Speed Mailplane
Manufacturer Caudron-Renault
Designer Georges Otfinovsky/Marcel Riffard
First flight 1935
Introduction 1935
Number built 10

The Caudron C.640 Typhon was a 1930s French high-speed single-seat monoplane utility aircraft built by Caudron-Renault.


Similar in concept to the de Havilland DH.88 Comet the Typhon (en: Typhoon) was designed by Georges Otfinovsky and Marcel Riffard for use on long-range postal routes. The first aircraft first flew in March 1935. The aircraft was a twin-engined low-wing cantilever monoplane of wooden construction. Seven C.640s were built. The Typhon established 5000 km speed records. It was not a success in operation as its flexible wings experienced buffeting and vibration problems.


  • C.640 Typhon - production model with Renault 6Q engines, 7 built.
  • C.641 Typhon - record breaking version with raised canopy and increased fuel capacity, 2 built.
  • C.670 Typhon - prototype high-speed bomber version with a crew of three, similar to the C.640 but with increased dimensions and weights, one built.



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