Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

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Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council
Coat of arms or logo
Founded 1 April 2015
Preceded by Ballymoney Borough Council
Coleraine Borough Council
Limavady Borough Council
Moyle District Council
Joan Baird, UUP
Seats 40
Causeway Coast and Glens District Council Composition.png
Political groups
     DUP (12)
     UUP (8)
     Sinn Féin (7)
     SDLP (6)
     TUV (3)
     Alliance (1)
     PUP (1)
     NI Conservatives (1)
     Independents (1)
Last election
22 May 2014

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is a local authority in Northern Ireland that was established on 1 April 2015. It covers most of the northern coast of Northern Ireland and replaced Ballymoney Borough Council, Coleraine Borough Council, Limavady Borough Council and Moyle District Council. The first elections to the authority were on 22 May 2014 and it acted as a shadow authority, prior to the creation of the Causeway Coast and Glens district on 1 April 2015.



From To Name Party
2015 2016 Michelle Knight-McQuillan DUP
2016 2017 Maura Hickey SDLP
2017 2018 Joan Baird UUP

Deputy Mayor[edit]

From To Name Party
2015 2016 Darryl Wilson UUP
2016 2017 James McCorkell DUP
2017 2018 Cathal McLaughlin Sinn Féin 2018 present Trevor Clarke DUP


For the purpose of elections the council is divided into seven district electoral areas (DEA):[1]

Area Seats
Ballymoney 7
Bann 5
Benbradagh 5
Causeway 7
Coleraine 6
Limavady 5
The Glens 5

Seat summary[edit]

Party Elected
DUP 11 12
UUP 10 8
Sinn Féin 7 7
SDLP 6 6
TUV 3 3
Alliance 1 1
PUP 1 1
NI Conservatives 0 1
Independents 1 1

Last update 26 November 2017.[2]

Councillors by electoral area[edit]

Current council members
District electoral area Name Party
Ballymoney John Finlay DUP
Cathal McLaughlin † Sinn Féin
William Blair TUV
Ian Stevenson DUP
Darryl Wilson UUP
Tom McKeown UUP
Alan McLean DUP
Bann William King UUP
Michelle Knight-McQuillan DUP
Richard Holmes UUP
Sam Cole DUP
Róisín Loftus SDLP
Benbradagh Seán McGlinchey Sinn Féin
Boyd Douglas TUV
Tony McCaul Sinn Féin
Orla Beattie SDLP
Dermott Nicholl Sinn Féin
Causeway Frank Campbell DUP
Mark Fielding DUP
Chris McCaw † Alliance
Sandra Hunter UUP
Norman Hillis UUP
Sharon McKillop TUV
Angela Mulholland † SDLP
Coleraine Russell Watton PUP
Stephanie Quigley SDLP
George Duddy DUP
Trevor Clarke DUP
William McCandless UUP
David Harding ‡‡ NI Conservatives
Limavady Alan Robinson DUP
James McCorkell DUP
Brenda Chivers Sinn Féin
John Deighan SDLP
Aaron Callan ‡ DUP
The Glens Joan Baird UUP
Cara McShane Sinn Féin
Margaret McKillop SDLP
Padraig McShane Independent
Kieran Mulholland Sinn Féin

: Co-opted to fill a vacancy since the election.: New party affiliation since the election. Last update 26 November 2017.

For further details see Causeway Coast and Glens District Council election, 2014.


The area covered by the new Council has a population of 140,877 residents according to the 2011 Northern Ireland census.[3]

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