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Causey may refer to:



  • Brian Causey, an American guitarist and composer
  • Jeff Causey (born 1971), a retired American soccer goalkeeper
  • John W. Causey (1841-1908), an American farmer and politician
  • Matthew Causey, an American actor known for his role in the movie The Party Animal
  • Peter F. Causey (1801-1871), an American merchant and politician from Milford, Delaware
  • Richard Causey (born 1960), Enron's Executive Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer during the Enron accounting scandal
  • Wayne Causey (born 1936), a baseball infielder


  • The Causey Arch, the world's oldest surviving railway bridge, located near Stanley, County Durham, England
  • Causey Park House, a 16th-century former manor house at Causey Park Bridge, Northumberland
  • The Causey Way, a punk/new wave music group from 1997 to 2001
  • An archaic version of causeway