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Caution may refer to:

  • A precautionary statement describing a potential hazard
  • Careful attention to the probable effects of an act (see Wiktionary link on the right)
  • A police caution, an alternative to prosecution for a criminal offence in some countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia
  • A statement read by a police officer to a suspect to inform him of his rights, in particular to silence. See e.g.:
  • A sanction taken on the field of play in Association Football by the appointed referee, signified by the showing of a Yellow card (sports)
  • La Caution, a French hip hop duo
  • The Yellow Caution Flag in automobile racing that indicates a hazardous condition and a prohibition from passing other cars
  • Caution (album), a 2002 album by Hot Water Music
  • CAUTION (Citizens against Unnecessary Thoroughfares in Older Neighborhoods), a 1970's-80's neighborhood group in Atlanta, Georgia that fought the construction of the "Presidential Parkway", today's Freedom Parkway
  • A notice entered on the register of title to land that prevents a proprietor from disposing of his land without a notice to the person who entered the caution.

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