Cauto River

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Cauto River
Rio Cauto near Guamo Embarcadero
Country  Cuba
Physical characteristics
Main source Sierra Maestra
600 m (1,969 ft)
River mouth Gulf of Guacanayabo (Caribbean Sea)
Sea level
Length 343 km (213 mi)
Basin features
Basin size 8,928 km2 (3,447 sq mi)

The Cauto River or Río Cauto is the longest river of Cuba. Located in southeast Cuba, it is one of two navigable rivers in Cuba, with the other being the Sagua la Grande River.


It flows on a total length of 370 km (230 mi) from the Sierra Maestra to the west and north-west, and enters the Caribbean Sea north of Manzanillo. However, it provides only 110 km (70 mi) of transport waterway. Its water is not drinkable.[citation needed]

It flows through the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, and Granma, and the communities of Palma Soriano, Cauto Cristo and Rio Cauto are located along the river.


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Coordinates: 20°32′57″N 77°14′30″W / 20.54917°N 77.24167°W / 20.54917; -77.24167