Cavalcade (The Flatliners album)

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Cavalcade (The Flatliners album).jpg
Studio album by The Flatliners
Released April 13, 2010 [1]
Recorded July 2009 [2] at Drive Studios
Genre Punk rock
Length 39:22
Label Fat Wreck Chords
Producer Steve Rizun
The Flatliners chronology
The Great Awake
Dead Language

Cavalcade (Fat Wreck Chords) is the third full-length studio album by The Flatliners. It was released on April 13, 2010. It features 12 songs, one of which (Filthy Habits) was previously released on their 7" EP Cynics. Following the same style as its predecessor, The Great Awake, the band continues to expand and mature with a punk rock sound as opposed to a ska punk sound shown in their debut album, Destroy to Create.


Exclaim! named Cavalcade the No. 4 Punk album of 2010.[3] Exclaim! writer Aaron Zorgel said "The Flatliners have landed on a unique amalgamation of '90s skate punk and anthemic alt-rock. The end result is a record that carries all the intensity of Bad Religion, while maintaining the lyrical sensitivity of the Replacements" called "Cavalcade' the best album of the year[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Calming Collection"
  2. "Carry The Banner"
  3. "Bleed"
  4. "Here Comes Treble"
  5. "He Was a Jazzman"
  6. "Shithawks"
  7. "Monumental"
  8. "Filthy Habits"
  9. "Liver Alone"
  10. "Sleep Your Life Away"
  11. "Count Your Bruises"
  12. "New Year's Resolutions"


Official Video-clip released for:

  1. "Monumental (2010)"
  2. "Carry The Banner (2010)"
  3. "Count Your Bruises (2011)"