Cavalier Computer

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Cavalier Computer
IndustryVideo games
FounderJim Nitchals
Barry Printz
United States

Cavalier Computer, later Cavalier Computer Corporation, is a defunct software company that produced games for the Apple II series of computers.[1] The company was founded in 1981 by high school classmates Jim Nitchals and Barry Printz[2] and achieved an early success with Bug Attack, a game similar to Centipede that ranked among the top 30 software titles of 1982.[3] Jim Nitchals died at age 36 in 1998.[4]


  • Asteroid Field by Jim Nitchals (1980)
  • Bug Attack by Jim Nitchals (1981)
  • Microwave by Jay P. Zimmerman and Jim Nitchals (1982)
  • Raiders of the lost Ring, sometimes called Ring Raiders, by Jim Nitchals (1981). A clone of Star Castle.
  • Star Thief by Jim Nitchals (1981)
  • Teleport by Mike Abbott and Jim Nitchals (1982)


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