Cavalier Records

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Cavalier Records
FounderTom Spinosa
Country of originU.S.
LocationSan Francisco, California

Cavalier Records was an American record label founded by Tom Spinosa in San Francisco, California, in the early 1950s.[1]

Company synopsis[edit]

Gianfranco Giotta
Cavalier - It's Never Too Late for Love.jpg

Notables who recorded on Cavalier include guitarist Nick Lucas (backed by San Francisco's Jimmy Diamond Orchestra), folk singer-songwriter Stan Wilson, Ronny Draper (younger brother of country singer Rusty Draper), San Francisco "hum-along" pianist Burt Bales, local Western Music performers and entrepreneurs Black Jack Wayne and Chuck Wayne,[2] and singer Gianfranco Giotta, who collaborated with composer John Verducci, Tom Spinosa and the Jimmy Diamond Orchestra to record Cavalier 7"/45 r.p.m. (CV 903) "It's Never Too Late for Love" and Robert Collier's "You Never Can Tell the Depth of a Well" under the title "Gian Franco Sings!" c. 1964.[3]

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