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Uncooked cavatelli
Type Pasta
Place of origin Italy
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Dry capunti, a variety of cavatelli from Apulia

Cavatelli [kavaˈtɛlli] are small pasta shells from eggless semolina dough that look like miniature hot dog buns.[1] Cavatelli literally means "little hollows".[a] Ricotta cavatelli adds ricotta cheese to the dough mix.[1] It is commonly cooked with garlic and broccoli or broccoli rabe.

A dish of cavatelli

Regional names and varieties[edit]

Many varieties and local names of Cavatelli exist, including orecchie di prete (priest's ears).[2] In Apulia a number of varieties of Cavatelli have specific names including pizzicarieddi.[2] In parts of Campania, they can be called parmarieddo.[2]

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