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Industry Retail
Founded Pittsburg, Texas, USA (1965)
Headquarters Tyler, Texas, USA
Number of locations
70+ store locations in 8 states
Key people
James Cavender, Founder
Joe Cavender, President
Mike Cavender, VP of Operations
Clay Cavender, VP of Merchandising
Products western wear clothing, cowboy boots, hats, belts, buckles, home décor, etc.
Number of employees

Cavender's is a family-owned and operated western wear retail chain based in Tyler, Texas. More than 70 stores offer traditional and modern-style hats, boots, clothing and home décor. Founded by James R. Cavender in 1965, Cavender's stores are located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. The stores operate under the titles "Cavender's Boot City" and "Cavender's Western Outfitter" according to regional location.


In 1957, James R. Cavender opened a little burger joint called the Dairy Hart in the small East Texas town of Pittsburg. Eight years later, Cavender decided to open a clothing store "Cavender & Smith's." A year later, Cavender bought out his partner renamed the store as "Cavender's." By the mid-seventies, there were 5 Cavender's stores and by 1981 the name was changed to "Cavender's Boot City" - today it is called "Cavender's Western Outfitter" outside of Texas. In 1983, Cavender's began to open more stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and in 1986 opened its first of 11 Houston stores. Today Cavender's retail chain has more than 70 stores in 8 states, 48 of them spread across Texas. Cavender's stores have also opened in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico.

Cavender's is led by James Cavender's eldest son, Joe, who serves as President of the company. Joe Cavender's brothers, Mike and Clay Cavender are also involved, Mike Cavender is in charge of site selection, and Clay Cavender oversees store design and merchandising.


The stores carry a large selection of well known western brands. Cavender's busiest times come annually during the fall back-to-school season, as well as during the Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Houston Livestock Shows and Rodeos, held January through March.


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