Cavendish Road State High School

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Cavendish Road State High School
Crest of Cavendish Road State High
Holland Park, Queensland
Coordinates 27°31′01″S 153°04′22″E / 27.5169°S 153.0727°E / -27.5169; 153.0727Coordinates: 27°31′01″S 153°04′22″E / 27.5169°S 153.0727°E / -27.5169; 153.0727
Type Public
Motto Nil Sine Pulvere
(Latin for "Nothing Without Effort")[3]
Established 1952
Principal Corrine McMillan [1]
Enrolment 1491[2]
Colour(s) Bottle green and White         

Cavendish Road State High School is a co-educational, state secondary school located at 695 Cavendish Road, Holland Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Established in 1952, Cavendish Road State High School was the second state high school to be built in the suburbs of Brisbane.[4] The school is a short distance from the Brisbane CBD.[4]

The school motto, Nil sine pulvere, translates from Latin as "Nothing without effort".[3] As part of these "Excellence Programs" the school has developed partnerships with the University of Queensland, Griffith University and the Queensland University of Technology, which allow eligible students to exit Year 12 with credit, fee free, towards a university degree. A number of relationships with various sporting associations and private businesses (for apprenticeships/traineeships) in Queensland have also been developed.


Year 7[edit]

Students in Year Seven study English, maths, science, history, health and physical education (HPE), information computer technology (ICT), German or Japanese, home economics, design technology and the arts (art, drama or music)

Year 8[edit]

Students in Year Eight study English, mathematics, science, study of society and environment (SOSE), health and physical education (HPE), computing, German or Japanese, home economics, manual arts and the arts (art, drama or music).[5]

Year 9[edit]

Students in Year Nine study English, mathematics and science and take one semester of health and physical education (HPE) and history. Business, The Arts (Art, Drama or Music), Japanese/German and Design Technology may also be studied.[5]

Year 10[edit]

Students in Year Ten study English and mathematics. Then they also choose a further 6 electives.[5]

Years 11 and 12[edit]

Students in Years Eleven and Twelve choose 6 subjects from a wide selection.[5]

Excellence Programs[edit]

The school has "excellence programs", for netball, football, touch/league, mathematics, music and science. Students in the academic excellence programs may take university level courses and receive credit for them in Year 11. In 2015, the school also added an 'Academy of Ideas' to their curriculum, in which gifted and talented students can participate in extracurricular programs such as philosophy and archaeology.[6]

School Houses[edit]

Prior to 2007, the school houses were Holland (red), Elgar (yellow) and Greenmount (blue), named after surrounding streets of the school campus.

In 2007, new houses were implemented, named after alumni who had made notable impact in their varying fields.

The school houses are:

  • Johnson House, blue, named after Dick Johnson,
  • Harrop House, red, named after Loretta Harrop, and the Harrop family
  • Page House, purple, named after Stephen Page,
  • Harpur House, yellow, named after Paul Harpur.[7]

Notable Alumni[edit]

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