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The Cavill family of Australia is known for its significant contributions to the development of the sport of swimming.[1][2]

Prominent family members in the sport include Frederick Cavill (1839-1927),[3] sons Ernest Cavill (1868-1935), Charles Claude Cavill (December 19, 1870 - May 22, 1897),[4] Percy Frederick Cavill (1875-1940), Arthur Rowland Channel (Tums) Cavill (August 24, 1877 - March 1, 1914),[4][5][6] who is credited by sports journalist W.F. Corbett with originating the Australian crawl stroke, which now predominates in "freestyle" swimming races; and Sydney St. Leonards Cavill ("Sid") (1881 - May 5, 1945),[7] was the originator of the butterfly stroke. Youngest son Richmond (Dick) Theophilus Cavill (1884-1938)[3] was the first to use the crawl in a competition, winning 100 yards State championship in 1899 and in England, in 1902, he was the first to swim 100 yards in under a minute.[8]

Six members of the family were jointly inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1970.[9]

The three daughters, Madeline Cavill, Fredda Cavill and Alice Cavill (1874–1945)[10] were all accomplished swimmers and swimming instructors.


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