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A cavity is a hollow in an object. It may refer to:

  • Cavity or dental caries, a damage to the structure of a tooth
  • Body cavity, a fluid filled space in many animals where organs typically develop
  • Cavity (heat source), the regions formed between adjacent fins to extract heat from a variety of heat generating bodies to a heat sink[1][2][3][4]
  • Cavity wall, a wall consisting of two skins with a cavity
  • Cavity (band), a sludge metal band from Miami, Florida
  • Cavity method, a mathematical method to solve some mean field type of models

In radio frequency resonance[edit]

  • Cavity Resonator, a device designed to select for waves of particular wavelengths
  • Optical cavity, the cavity resonator of a laser
  • Microwave cavity or RF cavity, a cavity resonator in the radio frequency range, for example used in particle accelerators


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See also[edit]

  • Cavitation, the phenomenon of partial vacuums forming in fluid, for example, in propellors
  • Cavitary pneumonia, a type of pneumonia in which a hole is formed in the lung