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Cavity Search Records
Cavity Search Records logo.png
Founded1992 (1992)
FounderDenny Swofford, Christopher Cooper
Distributor(s)CD Baby, ThinkIndie
GenreAlternative rock, folk, experimental
Country of originUnited States
LocationPortland, Oregon

Cavity Search Records is a record label in Portland, Oregon that was formed in 1992 by Christopher Cooper and Denny Swofford. It is known for producing debut records by Hazel, Heatmiser, The Helio Sequence, King Black Acid, Richmond Fontaine, Danny Barnes, Saul Conrad, Pete Krebs, and Elliott Smith.[1]

Cavity Search Records was recognized on their 26th anniversary by Mayor Ted Wheeler and the city of Portland. September 21, 2018 was proclaimed to be Cavity Search Records day for the label's contribution to the city's art and creative industry, and its commitment to uncovering and supporting local artistry.[2]


The following artists have released records on Cavity Search:[3]


Cavity Search Records: albums and singles[1]
Cat # Title Artist Year
CSR01 "J. Hell" b/w "Day-Glo"/"Joe Louis Punchout" Hazel 1992
CSR02 "Stray" b/w "Can't Be Touched"/"Wake" Heatmiser 1993
CSR03 "The Other White Meat" b/w "Salt Peter" Atomic 61 1993
CSR04 "Heavy as a Chevy" b/w "Beware of the Camper Man" Trailer Queen 1993
CSR05 "Emma's Thread" b/w "Sucker" Control Freak 1993
CSR06 Live in Texas split Atomic 61 with dirtclodfight 1993
CSR07 "Sleeping Pill b/w "Temper" Heatmiser 1993
CSR08 "Kind of Dead" b/w "Pattern 56 Interlude" Wayne Horvitz with Pigpen 1994
CSR09 "Headbag" b/w "Radon" Gern Blanston/Thirty Ought Six 1994
CSR10 Satan's Pilgrims EP Satan's Pilgrims 1994
CSR11 "Wintogreen" b/w "King Twist" Hazel 1994
CSR12 Low Animal Cunning Control Freak 1994
CSR13 Roman Candle [4][5] Elliott Smith 1994
CSR14 Gern Blanston Gern Blanston 1994
CSR15 Doghead Greg Gilmore/Doghead 1996
CSR16 Tinnitus in Extremis Atomic 61 1994
CSR17 Hymnal[6] dirtclodfight 1995
CSR18 Boodlers Elliott Sharp with Boodlers 1995
CSR19 Brigadier Pete Krebs 1995
CSR20 Japanese split Control Freak with Stymie 1995
CSR21 Purity of Essence Atomic 61 1995
CSR22 Live in Poland Wayne Horvitz 1995
CSR23 NO.1 (Various Artists) Smegma, Rectal Pizza, Matt Schulte, Hugh Swofford 1995
CSR24 Actuality Steve Lacy 1995
CSR25 "Everybody Has It" b/w "Dirty Dream" Heatmiser 1996
CSR26 NO.2 (Various Artists) Sissyface/Hutch/Ten-Four/Vehicle 1996
CSR27 Rattlecake Rattlecake 1995
CSR28 Womb Star Session[7] King Black Acid 1995
CSR29 Wa Wa Wa Rattlecake 1996
CSR30 Goodbye Blue Monday Atomic 61 1996
CSR31 Western Electric Pete Krebs 1997
CSR32 Cletus... Golden Delicious 1996
CSR33 Monologue Wayne Horvitz 1997
CSR34 Sunlit EP King Black Acid 1996
CSR35 Mic City Sons Heatmiser 1996
CSR36 Safety Richmond Fontaine 1996
CSR37 Totally Without Products Rattlecake 1997
CSR38 Royal Subjects King Black Acid 1997
CSR39 Old School Golden Delicious 1997
CSR40 "Happiness" b/w "Son of Sam" Elliott Smith 1999
CSR41 Com Plex[8] The Helio Sequence 2000
CSR42 Miles From Richmond Fontaine 1997
CSR43 Rwong Territory Elliott Sharp & DJ Soul Slinger 1998
CSR44 The Rent Steve Lacy Trio 1999
CSR45 Cavity Search Split EP Pete Krebs/Golden Delicious 1998
CSR46 Seet Ona Rose Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings 1999
CSR47 Live at the Laurelthirst Golden Delicious 1999
CSR48 Loves a Long Song King Black Acid 2000
CSR49 Lost Son Richmond Fontaine 1999
CSR50 Bittersweet Valentines EP Pete Krebs 1999
CSR51 I Know It By Heart Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings 2002
CSR52 Minor Dings Danny Barnes 2000
CSR53 Duet for Clarinet and Goat Pete Krebs & Danny Barnes 2001
CSR55 Cavity Search Audio Resumé Various 2000
CSR56 Young Effectuals[8] The Helio Sequence 2001
CSR57 Hot Ginger and Dynamite Pete Krebs and the Kung Pao Chickens 2001
CSR59 Gentlemen of Leisure Gentlemen of Leisure 2001
CSR62 Flashback Snow Bud and the Flower People 2012
CSR63 Everything That Isn't dirtclodfight 1991
CSR64 Hunting Lesson dirtclodfight 1993
CSR65 Suffering the Aftertaste dirtclodfight 1994
CSR66 Counter Fit Elliott Sharp with Boodlers 1997
CSR67 Slide Away King Black Acid 2011
CSR68 Let's Burn Those Stars King Black Acid 2012
CSR69 Giftless Thrillhammer 1992
CSR70 Always Crashing the Same Car King Black Acid 2013
CSR71 Behind Blue Eyes King Black Acid 2012
CSR72 Poison Packets Saul Conrad 2012
CSR73 The Main Sequence dirtclodfight 2014
CSR74 The Fancy LP Saul Conrad 2013
CSR75 The Fancy (single and video) Saul Conrad 2013
CSR76 I'm Rolling Under King Black Acid 2014
CSR77 I Was Talking (single and video) Saul Conrad 2014
CSR78 A Tyrant and Lamb Saul Conrad 2014
CSR79 Queen Chief EP Queen Chief 2014
CSR80 EPcoh EP Barra Brown and the Wishermen 2014
CSR81 Curves Survival Skills 2015
CSR82 Sea of Unrest (single) King Black Acid 2015
CSR83 Film Star Film Star 1997
CSR84 Tranquil Eyes Film Star 1998
CSR85 Deep Space Survival Skills 2015
CSR86 Halfrack Wayne Horvitz & Pigpen 1993
CSR87 Miss Ann Wayne Horvitz & Pigpen 1994
CSR88 Daylight Wayne Horvitz & Pigpen 1997
CSR89 EP Vol. 1 Korgy & Bass 2016
CSR90 Live in Portland Hazel 2016
CSR91 Down Gown Down Gown 2017
CSR92 Hey Pete Krebs! Pete Krebs 2016
CSR93 Adolescence (single) Devin Millar 2016
CSR94 The Reckoning EP dirtclodfight 2016
CSR95 Bitter Horizon (single) Korgy & Bass 2017
CSR96 Twin Flames EP King Black Acid 2017
CSR97 Poem Project Barra Brown 2017
CSR98 Brave the Strange Robert Wynia 2017
CSR99 Super Beautiful Magic King Black Acid 2017
CSR100 Brother Saul Conrad 2018
CSR101 Oceanus Procellarum Ensemble Resonanz, Elliott Sharp & Gareth Davis 2017
CSR102 EP Vol. 2 Korgy & Bass 2017
CSR103 Weird Blood Jerry Joseph 2017
CSR104 Sunlit (Deluxe Edition) King Black Acid 2018
CSR105 Full Metal Burqa Jerry Joseph 2018
CSR106 Edge of Summer Survival Skills 2018
CSR107 "I'm in Love With a Girl" b/w "Superstar" King Black Acid 2018
CSR108 Animal Stories Queen Chief 2019
CSR109 Lead Us On (single) Lauren Lakis 2018
CSR110 Ferocious Lauren Lakis 2018
CSR111 Calling All Earthlings Elliott Sharp 2018
CSR112 26000:4=2500 Korgy & Bass 2018
CSR113 Grand and Humble (single) Devin Millar 2019
CSR114 Raverborg (single) Barra Brown 2019
CSR115 Blues, Hues, & Views William Schimmel & Elliott Sharp 2019
CSR116 2500=4:26000 Korgy & Bass 2019
CSR119 Right Now (single) Lauren Lakis 2019
CSR120 Sad Girl Breakfast Lauren Lakis 2019
CSR121 Remote Korgy & Bass & Cyrus Nabipoor 2019
CSR122 All My Friends Are Ghosts Pete Krebs & The Gossamer Wings 2020
CSR123 Elk Park EP Michael Elkins & Shawn Parke 2020
CSR124 Airiana Hazel 1997
CSR125 Agrocrag Korgy & Bass 2020
CSR126 Bosozoku Thirty Ought Six 2020
CSR127 Next Bus (single) Korgy & Bass 2020
CSR128 Half a Tick (single) Korgy & Bass 2020
CSR129 Sorry in the Summer Impulsive Hearts 2016
CSR130 Cry All the Time Impulsive Hearts 2020
CSR131 On the Farm Saul Conrad 2020
CSR132 Speak With Your Heart (single) André Paraguassu 2020
CSR133 Let It Pass (single) Travis Shallow 2020
CSR134 Color Safe (single) Steve Drizos 2020
CSR135 Secret of You (single) Jesse Daniel Edwards 2020
CSR136 Wolves (single) Kimberly Henninger & Shawn Parke 2020
CSR137 No More Vodka (single) Mary Ryan 2020
CSR138 Dearie (single) Danielle Sines 2020
CSR139 Flowers on My Feet (single) Hannah Zhalih Mickunas 2020
CSR140 Cavity Search 2020 Various Artists 2020
CSR141 Permanent Solution Survival Skills 2020
CSR142 Don't Wake Me (single) Barra Brown 2020
CSR143 These Souls Barra Brown 2020


Cavity Search Publishing[1]
Cat. # Title Author(s) ISBN Year
CSP1 Laundromatsmell Mike Scheer ISBN 9780964991705 1997


Early in its history, Cavity Search records were distributed by Alternative Distribution Alliance, an American company founded in 1993. In May 2012 Cavity Search was announced as one of the first nine labels to join the newly formed Frenchkiss Label Group.[9] Frenchkiss Records, founded by Syd Butler,[10] had started the distribution company earlier that year, which is "focused on growing visibility for indie labels in the spirit of communities such as Dischord, Rough Trade and Touch & Go."[11] At that point, Frenchkiss had ceased its affiliation with RED[9] and had begun working with The Orchard.[10]

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