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Cavos or Kavos may refer to:

Cavos family[edit]

Cavos is the name of an Italian family of composers, musicians, and architects who settled in Russia at the end of 18th century. They came of an old, well-to-do Venetian family.

The most prominent representatives are:

  • Alberto Giovanni Cavos was a director of the Venice theatre La Fenice
    • Catarino Camillo Cavos a.k.a. Catterino Albertovich Cavos, his son.
  • Catterino Albertovich Cavos also Catarino Camillo Cavos (Russian: Катерино Альбертович Кавос, (1775–1840), composer and conductor at the Imperial Theatre in Saint Petersburg.
    • Albert Catterinovich Cavos (1800–1863), his son, was an architect who was in charge for the rebuilt of the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg and the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.
    • Ivan Catterinovich Cavos (1805–1861), received musical training and served thirty years in the Imperial Theatres in St. Petersburg, holding various positions, including Director of Orchestras, Director of Italian Opera, and Inspector of the Smolny Convent.
  • Caesar Albertovich Cavos (1824–1883), son of Albert Cavos, academician of architecture, was responsible for the construction of several buildings in Saint Petersburg.
  • Camilla Albertovna Cavos, daughter of Albert Cavos, married Nicholas Benois, a prominent Russian architect, and became the matriarch of the Benois family. Her descendants included many notable painters, sculptors, architects, musicians and actors.[citation needed]


Cavos is a beach resort on Angistri Island in Greece.

Kavos or Cavos is a town on the Greek island Corfu.[citation needed]