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Cawarong (Tibetan: ཚ་བ་རོང་།Wylie: tsha ba rong, ZYPY: Cawarong; Chinese: 察瓦龙; pinyin: Cháwǎlóng) is a village () in Zayü County, Tibet Autonomous Region of China.[1] It lies at an altitude of 2,003 metres (6,574 feet). Formerly known as Tsarung, it was traditionally a southern gateway and trade route into Tibet from Yunnan, forming part of the tea-horse road (茶马古道 Chá-Mǎ Gǔdào). It is a very arid area with little rainfall. An unsealed road cut into the cliffs above the Nu River links it to Bingzhongluo in Yunnan. Cawarong is a major step on the Khora of the Khawa Karpo.

Coordinates: 28°30′N 98°24′E / 28.500°N 98.400°E / 28.500; 98.400

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