Caxton College

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Caxton College
Motto Honeste Vivere
Established 1987
Type Private School
Location Puçol
Coordinates: 39°37′31″N 0°18′11″W / 39.625168°N 0.30295°W / 39.625168; -0.30295
Ages 1–18

Caxton College is a private school located 18.3 km north of Valencia, Spain, in a small town called Puçol. It is named after William Caxton.[citation needed] Caxton College has three buildings currently in use, one holding a sports hall, exam rooms and a cafeteria. Another is dedicated to primary and consists of offices, classrooms, a library and offices. The last is the secondary building, which is much like the primary building.

Caxton College is a mixed private school, situated in Valencia on the Mediterranean coast, which teaches the British curriculum and offers a complete education to students between 1 and 18 years of age.

It was founded in 1987 and provides Valencia with a School for both local and international children who want to study the British National Curriculum in a multicultural environment. The school has educational and sporting facilities, within 45.000m2 grounds.[citation needed]

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