Cayenne (mascot)

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University University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Conference Sun Belt
Description Anthropomorphic Cayenne pepper
First seen 2000

Cayenne is a "spirit leader" of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns athletic teams. He is an anthropomorphic Cayenne pepper (a staple spice of the Acadiana region in which Louisiana-Lafayette is located).

Louisiana-Lafayette does not have an official mascot. In recent years the university has had several mascots including live bulldogs (when the athletic teams were named the Bulldogs), Mr. Ragin' Cajun (animated), and the Fabulous Cajun Chicken (the most popular mascot in the history of the school). Cayenne was created using an "out of the box" method. Instead of being a physical representation of Ragin' Cajuns, like most mascots are, Cayenne is the embodiment of the Ragin' Cajun spirit of Acadiana.

Cayenne was introduced in 2000, and changes clothes depending on what sporting event he's at, e.g., he wears a Ragin' Cajun football uniform at the football games, and a Louisiana-Lafayette basketball jersey for the basketball games.