Cayman Democratic Party

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Cayman Democratic Party
LeaderMcKeeva Bush
ChairmanTessa Johnson Bodden
FoundedNovember 2001
IdeologyFiscal conservatism[1]
Classical liberalism[2]
Political positionCentre to centre-right
Colours     Green
UK affiliationnone
Legislative Assembly
3 / 19

The Cayman Democratic Party, formerly known as the United Democratic Party, is a political party in the Cayman Islands. It is the first political party in the Cayman Islands, being formed in 2001.


In the elections, 8 November 2000, with a turnout of 80% only non-partisans were elected. After the election members of parliament formed the United Democratic Party, currently headed by McKeeva Bush.

The Cayman Democratic Party served as the opposition party in the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands from 2013 - 2017. The party also previously served as opposition from May 2005 - May 2009.

List of The Cayman Democratic Party leaders[edit]

Electoral performance[edit]

Year No. of votes Share of votes Seats
5 / 15
2009 17,299 44.2%
9 / 15
2013 16,816 27.8%
3 / 18
2017 3,786 24.08%
3 / 18