Ayn, Somalia

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The Ayn region in Somalia

Ayn (Somali: Cayn, Arabic: عين‎‎ ) is a region in northwestern Somalia. It is carved out of the southeastern section of the Togdheer region. The people of Ayn want a peaceful, united and prosperous Somalia.

Locally the region is formerly controlled by HBM-SSC (Hoggaanka Badbaadada iyo Mideynta SSC), a local unionist group whose goal is the creation of its own regional administration of Khatumo State. Since the creation of Khatumo in 2012 the Ayn is administered by khatumo.

The Ayn region is subdivided into three districts: Buuhoodle,Sooljoogto and Widhwidh. The total area of Ayn is approximately 5500 square kilometers. The region's capital city is Buuhoodle. Ismail Mire International Airport which is located 6 km east of Buuhoodle serves the region.

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