Cayos Francisquí

Coordinates: 11°58′N 66°39′W / 11.967°N 66.650°W / 11.967; -66.650
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Cayos Francisquí
island view
Cayos Francisquí is located in Venezuela
Cayos Francisquí
Cayos Francisquí
Cayos Francisquí is located in Caribbean
Cayos Francisquí
Cayos Francisquí
LocationCaribbean Sea
Coordinates11°58′N 66°39′W / 11.967°N 66.650°W / 11.967; -66.650
Federal dependencies of Venezuela

The Cayos Francisquí[1] also known as Cayos Franciskí (Franciskí Keys), is the name of a group of Caribbean cays that form part of the Los Roques Archipelago National Park[2] in northern Venezuela.[3] Administratively, as part of the Los Roques Archipelago, they belong to the Francisco de Miranda Island Territory.


They are located in the Venezuelan Caribbean, north of Caracas, west of the Cayo Nordisquí and northeast of Gran Roque Island, at the northern end of the Los Roques Archipelago National Park.

Member islands[edit]

These are three nearby keys of coral origin:

  • Francisquí de Abajo
  • Francisquí del Medio
  • Francisquí de Arriba


Due to their proximity to Gran Roque they have become a popular tourist destination, being one of the major attractions of the archipelago with its white sand beaches and a natural swimming pool. Diving, snorkeling and kitesurfing are practiced.


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