Cayos de Caña Gorda

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Census 2000 map of Cayos de Caña Gorda
NOAA Chart of Cayos de Caña Gorda

The Cayos de Caña Gorda (Spanish: Caña Gorda Cays) is a group of three uninhabited, mangrove-covered cays, located at 17°56′32″N 066°52′17″W / 17.94222°N 66.87139°W / 17.94222; -66.87139 off the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico. They belong to barrio Caranero of Guánica municipio. The eastern cay, Isla Ballena is separated from the Puerto Rican mainland close to Punta Ballena only by a 66 foot (20 m) wide channel. The western cay was given the name Gilligan's Island (after the TV series) in the 1970s by the Keegan/Barnett family, who had recently moved to Guanica from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cayo Aurora is served by boat (1,969 ft (600 m) from the mainland at Punta Jacinto) and has public beaches. Between the two is Cayo Honda, the central cay. The total land area is 0.069 square miles (0.18 km²) and 1,911,735 sq ft (177,606 m2) (Block 1069, Block Group 1, Census tract 9611, Guánica Municipio, Puerto Rico).