Caypombo, Bulacan

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Barangay Cay Pombo, Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Location of Barangay Cay Pombo, Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Coordinates: 14°49.10′N 120°57.38′E / 14.81833°N 120.95633°E / 14.81833; 120.95633Coordinates: 14°49.10′N 120°57.38′E / 14.81833°N 120.95633°E / 14.81833; 120.95633
Country Philippines
Region Central Luzon
Province Bulacan
Municipality Santa Maria
 • Type Barangay
 • Barangay Captain Marcillano A. Mateo
Time zone GMT (UTC+8)
Zip Code 3022
Area code(s) 44

Cay Pombo (PSGC: 031423007) is one of the twenty-four barangays comprising the municipality of Santa Maria, Bulacan, in the Philippines. It is bordered by Barangay Caysio on the south-west, and the south, Pulong Buhangin on the east, Mag-asawang Sapa on the north and Barangay ?? in Pandi on the west.

Caypombo, Bulacan along Fortunato Halili Avenue


Area and location[edit]

Cay Pombo is the ?? largest barangay in Santa Maria with a land area of 416.26 hectares or 4.1626 km2, slightly larger than barangay Poblacion.

Cay Pombo is located on the north-west portion of Sta. Maria and thirty six kilometers north from Manila.


The prevailing climatic conditions in the barangay are categorized into two (2) types: dry and wet season.

The annual mean temperature in the area is 27℃. The warmest month is May with a mean temperature of 29.9℃ while the coldest is January at 25.2℃.

The mean annual relative humidity in the Barangay is 77% which is not high. The mean monthly relative humidity is lowest in March at 64% and highest in September at 84%


As of 2007 census, Cay Pombo has a population of 15,698 people with a density of 3,771.20 person per km2. The projected population of the barangay by 2010 is 21,226 with a growth rate of 10.65%.

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