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Cazenga is the most densely populated of the seven municipalities that make up the province of Luanda, as per the new administrative division of the province (the others being, Luanda, Belas, Cacuaco, Viana, Icolo e Bengo and Quiçama). It has a population of 880,369 inhabitants in 2014 Census, with an estimated 1,011,397 in 2018, covering an area of 37 km2.[1]

Administrative Division[edit]

The municipality of Cazenga is made up of three communes, namely:


Cazenga is the site of the workshops for the Luanda Railway.

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  • In a 1974 article [2] American political scientist Gerald J. Bender wrote: "Another account of the sale of water to Africans can be found in the Luandan newspaper, Província de Angola. The article reported that water is sold in the slum of Cazenga at an average price of 2.5 escudos (about ten American cents) for five gallons. (The legal minimum daily wage for the district of Luanda in July 1974 was 25 escudos - about one American dollar-per day.) [3] (Luanda) 21 June 1974."



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Coordinates: 08°49′17″S 13°17′28″E / 8.82139°S 13.29111°E / -8.82139; 13.29111