Cea Serin

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Cea Serin
OriginBaton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
GenresProgressive metal
Years active1997−present
LabelsHeavencross Records
Nightmare Records
MembersJay Lamm
Forrest Osterman
Keith Warman
Rory Faciane
Past membersDarren Davis
Shane Dubose
Erik Geckler

Cea Serin is a progressive metal and mercurial metal[clarification needed] band that was formed in 1997 by bassist/singer/keyboardist J. Lamm.


The original line-up of the band was Keith Warman and J. Lamm in 1997. The band started as a studio project in the down time of Lamm and Warman's progressive metal band, Ashen Dawn. After the creation of two demo tapes the band was eventually signed to Heavencross Records in Europe. The band eventually signed to Nightmare Records for the U.S. release of their debut album, "...where memories combine..." in 2004[1]

The band hooked up with Shane Dubose and Darren Davis in Houston to form the first live line-up of Cea Serin. In mid-2002 Cea Serin played the ProgPower USA music festival.

As of August 2014, the band has signed a deal with Generation Prog Records for the release of their second album, "The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay".[2]

Sound, style and influences[edit]

Cea Serin is regarded as a progressive metal band by many fans[who?], though they often blend many different styles. They could be defined as power metal, death metal, black metal, new age and neo-classical metal. Their writing has been influenced by bands such as Dream Theater, Carcass, At the Gates, and Yanni[3]

In 2008, J. Lamm released a solo, new age album marketed towards Planetariums titled Form & Void: A Digital Universe. The album was conceived as the soundtrack for the Louisiana Art and Science Museum's production of Digital Universe, a show utilizing modern technology and images from the American Museum of Natural History to take patrons through a 3D mapping of the observable universe.[4]

Film work[edit]

In 2005, J. Lamm was approached by director, Kevin White, to do the original score for his film, "Broken Promise". The film debuted in 2006 and is currently seeking distribution.[5]

J. Lamm wrote original scores for short films, some of which debuted at the "48 Hour Film Festival",[6] which lead the way to his work in Planetarium music production.

J. Lamm wrote the soundtrack to the Louisiana Art and Science Museum's production of "Digital Universe" in 2008[7][8] The soundtrack is also being used in various planetariums around the United States for local planetarium show productions.

In 2014, J. Lamm provided the original score for the Hedges Pictures web-series "Requiems"[9]

Band line-up[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • J. Lamm − lead bass, vocals, keyboards
  • Keith Warman − lead guitar and rhythm guitar
  • Rory Faciane - Drums

Former members[edit]

  • Darren Davis − Drums (2002)
  • Shane Dubose − Bass (2002)
  • Forrest Osterman - Guitar (2002–2011)


  • Demo '97 - demo 1997
  • Demo '99 - demo 1999
  • Chiaroscuro - 2000 mp3.com only CD
  • The Surface of All Things - demo 2001
  • "...where memories combine..." (2004)
  • The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay (2014)


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