Ceahlău Massif

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Ceahlău Massif
Ceahlau 2.jpg
Highest point
Elevation1,907 m (6,257 ft)
Coordinates46°57′18″N 25°56′45″E / 46.955°N 25.9457°E / 46.955; 25.9457Coordinates: 46°57′18″N 25°56′45″E / 46.955°N 25.9457°E / 46.955; 25.9457
LocationNeamţ County, Romania
Parent rangeEastern Carpathians
Topo mapNTS 031H/11
Age of rockCretaceous
Mountain typeIntrusive
3D - Ceahlău

The Ceahlău Massif (pronounced [t͡ʃe̯ahˈləw]) is one of the most famous mountains of Romania.[1] It is part of the Bistriţa Mountains range of the Eastern Carpathians division, in Neamţ County, in the Moldavia region. The two most important peaks are Toaca (1904 m altitude) and Ocolaşul Mare (1907 m altitude). It is bounded to the east by the Bistriţa River and Lake Bicaz, to the south by the Bicaz River. From the south, the main access point is the village of Izvorul Muntelui, located 12 km north from the town of Bicaz. To the north, Mount Ceahlău is also accessible from Durău.


Ceahlău - "Piatra Lată din Ghedeon" rock formation
Leontopodium alpinum, edelweiss or floare de colţ is a protected species in Romania since 1933

Ceahlău National Park shelters a large variety of flora and fauna; some of the species are endemic or rarely seen elsewhere in Romania.


Mount Ceahlău is a popular hiking destination in Romania. There are seven main marked trails built for hikers and tourists.[2] There are entering fees for visiting Ceahlău National Park.[3] and fines for non respecting park's regulations.[3] The park is monitored by local rangers and there is also a mountain rescue service (Salvamont).[4]


There are ski slopes located at Durău.


Camping is permitted only in a few designated places: in Durău, near Dochia Chalet and in Izvorul Muntelui.

Chalets and refuges[edit]

  • Izvorul Muntelui Chalet (757 m of altitude, basecamp), near Bicaz
  • Dochia Chalet (1750 m, near Toaca Peak)
  • Fântânele Chalet (1220m, near Durău)[5]
  • Ceahlău - Toaca weather station

Notable sights and places[edit]

  • Duruitoarea waterfall
  • Panaghia rock
  • Piatra Lată din Ghedeon rock formation
  • Ocolaşul Mic Peak
  • Dochia Rock
  • Turnul lui Butu Stone
  • Poiana Maicilor (engl: Nuns' glade)
  • Poiana Stănile
  • Poliţa cu crini protected area
  • Gardul Stănilelor

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