Cearbhall mac Lochlainn Ó Dálaigh

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Cearbhall mac Lochlainn Ó Dálaigh, Irish poet, died 1404.

Described as Chief Ollam of Ireland in poetry, Cearbhall died in Corcomroe (County Clare) in 1405. Edward O'Reilly gives a description in his Dictionary of Irish Writers under the year AD 1404, paragraph CLIV.[1]

His obit is given in the Annals of Ulster as follows- "U1405.2 Cerball Ua Dalaigh, namely, ollam of Corcomruadh, died."

His obit is given in the Annals of the Four Masters as follows- "M1404.9 Carroll O'Daly, Ollav of Corcomroe died".

His obit is given in the Annals of Connacht as follows- "1404.20 Cerball O Dalaig, ollav in Poetry of Corcumroe, died."

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Preceded by
Gofraidh Fionn Ó Dálaigh
Chief Ollam of Ireland
Succeeded by
Sean mac Fergail Óicc Ó hUiccinn


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