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Cebuano Wikipedia
Web address
Commercial No
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Registration Optional
Available in Cebuano
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Launched June 22, 2005; 11 years ago (2005-06-22)

The Cebuano Wikipedia (Cebuano: Wikipedya sa Sinugboanon) is the Cebuano-language edition of Wikipedia. It currently contains 2,668,059 articles, most of which were created by the automated program Lsjbot. As of January 2016, Cebuano Wikipedia is the third-largest language edition of Wikipedia, behind English and Swedish and ahead of German.[1] However, there are only 107 active users.


The Cebuano Wikipedia, Ang Gawasnong Ensiklopedya, was proposed by Bentong Isles[2] in early 2005 and was started on June 22, 2005.[3]

As of February 2013, it was the largest Philippine-language Wikipedia based on number of articles, larger than the Waray and Tagalog Wikipedias.

On July 2014, the Cebuano Wikipedia reached 1 million articles.[4]

As of August 29, 2016, it has 2,668,059 articles.[5]


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