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View of Cebu Business Park

Cebu Business Park (CBP) is a 50-hectare masterplanned development in Cebu City, Philippines. It integrates business, residential, sports, recreation and leisure facilities.

The centerpiece of the business park is the 9-hectare Ayala Center Cebu shopping mall, which draws 60,000 shoppers daily.[1][2]


In the late 1980s, the Cebu provincial government sold its 45-hectare property used as the Club Filipino Golf Course to the Ayala Corporation.[3] The development features for the Cebu Business Park were incorporated into the 1990 zoning ordinance of Cebu City. Land development work on the business park was completed in 1992.[3]

To spur further commercial activity, the 6-hectare Ayala Center Cebu shopping mall was built as the business park's centerpiece.

Cebu Holdings, an affiliate of Ayala Land, is currently responsible for the development of Cebu Business Park.[2] As of 2003, it is the single largest urban development project in the Philippines outside of Metro Manila.[2]

Greens & Spaces[edit]

Cebu Business Park is currently the largest operating PEZA accredited special economic zone in the country. With 50 hectares of land, Cebu Business Park faces not only the demand of space for growth of businesses and commercial trade but also the challenges of operating responsibly and optimizing the value of the land for sustainability. The Cebu Business Park being part of the Cebu Park District leaps into the opportunity of being a trendsetter on master-planned communities. Today Cebu Business Park provides bigger green spaces, landscaped areas and tree-lined avenues that serve as parks and carbon sinks. The park continuously improves sidewalks and pedestrian access to encourage walking instead of using cars. Cebu Business Park has also introduced innovative systems of management such as wastewater treatment facilities and recycling facilities. Cebu Business Park is an actualized, self-contained business community with an innovative location that utilizes the park concept. The park’s deed of restriction requires each lot owner to keep 20% of their property dedicated to open spaces and or greens to contribute to the park’s over-all sustainability as a ‘breathable’ enclave. Cebu Business Park continues to be a thriving district of mixed-used blocks with fully landscaped green strips.

Business Catalyst[edit]

Cebu's attractiveness has led more than a hundred firms, with multinational companies like Mitsumi, Pentax Corp., Marine Colloids, Fairchild Semiconductor, Tsuneshi Heavy, Industries, Muramoto Audio-Visual, Lexmark International, Teradyne, NEC Technologies, Timex, Olympus Optical, United Technologies, Maithland-Smith, Taiyo Yuden, and others to set up manufacturing plants on the most successfulindustrial estates, leading the whole country in exports with growth rates for the past decade averaged close to 20% higher than that of the entire nation. Government support and incentives provide a major impetus for its growth.


With one of the best records for peace and order in the country, Cebu dwellers from all over the world have made Cebu their home to retire, to spend their golden years in a tropical paradise by the sea or to engage in business, and then return with their families to enjoy the relaxed tropical lifestyles. Although the Chinese form the biggest ethnic group, followed by Americans, Koreans, British, Germans, Australians, Canadians, Indians, Japanese and Pakistanis, there are also small numbers of people from Western Europe and surrounding Asian countries, all of whom enjoy cosmopolitan ambience with a pleasant climate and living environment enabling adequate housing, state-of-the-art health care facilities as well as international schools. Cebu has all the ingredients that make it globally competitive and capable of sustaining large-scale investments. Combine this with warm hospitality, world class resorts’ white sandy beaches and surrounding rich coral reefs, Cebu is a perfect fusion for business and recreation and is poised to become the premier international tourism and investment destination in Asia.

High Rise Residences[edit]


A lifestyle of ease in Cebu Business Park is what the Park Towers offer wherein your home is just a short walk away from shops, theaters, banks, clinics, restaurants, amusement centers and hotel. Park Tower One and Two are surrounded with parks for jogging and leisurely walks. The Park Towers are foremost in introducing high-rise premier living right at the heart of the city.


A select community of only 109 units rises 24 floors above Cebu Business Park. A distinctive address set privately apart in a vibrant urban center, 1016 Residences welcomes you home in the third quarter of 2014.


Especially designed to address the needs of Cebu's Urban Achievers, Sedona Parc will be a stylish residential condominium of only 114 units that will offer an upscale lifestyle inspired by thought and design, all set to rise in a tranquil and highly-accessible parkside location.


Life would be a holiday in Solinea throughout the year. Located within Cebu Park District and Cebu Business Park, Solinea is a gateway for a comfortable, restful, cozy, private and highly accessible city resort living.

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