Cebu Coliseum

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Cebu Coliseum
Location Sanciangko St., Cebu City, Philippines
Coordinates 10°17′48″N 123°53′44″E / 10.29667°N 123.89556°E / 10.29667; 123.89556Coordinates: 10°17′48″N 123°53′44″E / 10.29667°N 123.89556°E / 10.29667; 123.89556
Owner University of Cebu
Operator University of Cebu
Capacity 5,000
Opened 1962
CESAFI (2001–present)
University of Cebu
Cebu Gems (MBA) (1998–2002)
PBA (On-tour games only)

The Cebu Coliseum is an indoor arena in Cebu City, Philippines. Its seating capacity is around 5,000. The coliseum hosts various sports events and concerts in Cebu and is the primary venue for CESAFI games. It was also the home of the Cebu Gems of the defunct MBA. On August 4, 1962, one of the very first events it hosted was a fight between hometown hero Gabriel "Flash" Elorde and Japanese boxer Terou Kosaka. It was their second of their four fights in a span of 4 years (1961-1965). And also become a selected games in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) since 1975 and also host of the 1982 PBA All-Star Series, 1998 PBA All-Star Weekend and 2004 PBA All-Star Weekend.

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