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Cecil Irwin (born 8 April 1942) was an English footballer who played for Sunderland.

Club career[edit]

Irwin made his debut for Sunderland on 20 September 1958 against Ipswich Town in a 2–0 defeat at Roker Park.[1] He went on to make 313 league appearances, scoring just a single goal at his time with the club.[2]

Player/Manager career[edit]

After finishing his stint with Sunderland, he moved on to Yeovil Town as a player-manager, staying with them from 1972–75, when his contract was not renewed.[3][4] He moved on to play for Ashington, also managing the Colliers for a year.[citation needed]

Managing career[edit]

Cecil continued to manage after his playing days were done, managing Ashington, just outside his hometown of Ellington twice more, first in 1996–98,[citation needed] and again in 2000–02, the latter time managing his squad to promotion,[5] but unable to stick in the new league and being let go after relegation the next year.[citation needed]


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