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This article is about the British railway engineer. He is not to be confused with Cecil Allen.
Cecil J Allen
Cecil J. Allen.jpg
Born 1886
Died 5 February 1973
Occupation Railway engineer
Employer Great Eastern Railway;
London and North Eastern Railway

Cecil J. Allen (1886– 5 February 1973[1]) was a British railway engineer and technical journalist and writer.


Qualified as a civil engineer, Allen worked for the Great Eastern Railway and later the London & North Eastern Railway, becoming an authority on steel rails. He inspected new rails for quality.

He also was the second contributor to the long-running British locomotive practice and performance article series in The Railway Magazine from 1909 to 1958,[2] and then went on to write for Trains Illustrated (now Modern Railways), which at the time was edited by his son, Geoffrey Freeman Allen.

He was a committed Christian and an accomplished organist, writing a chorus "The Lord has need of me". He was offered a place on the train when Mallard broke the world speed record in 1938, but declined the offer as the run was scheduled for a Sunday morning and clashed with his regular church (Christian Brethren) attendance.[citation needed]


He wrote numerous books on locomotives, and railway company histories, as well as an autobiography "Two Million Miles of Train Travel":[2]

  • The locomotive exchanges. Ian Allan. 1949. 
  • Locomotive practice and performance in the twentieth century (2nd revised impression ed.). Heffer, Cambridge. 1950. 
  • The Stanier Pacific of the L.M.S.. London. Ian Allan. 1950. 
  • The Gresley Pacifics of the LNER. Ian Allan. 1950. 
  • The Bulleid Pacifics of the Southern Region. Ian Allan. 1951. 
  • British Pacific locomotives. Ian Allan. 1962. 
  • British Atlantic locomotives. Ian Allan. 1968. 
    • —; revised & enlarged by G. Freeman Allen (1976). British Atlantic locomotives (2nd ed.). Ian Allan. 
  • Cecil J. Allen; et al. (1972). The Deltics : a symposium. Ian Allan. ISBN 0-7110-0322-X. [3]
Railway company histories
  • The Great Eastern Railway. Ian Allan. 1955. 
  • The North Eastern Railway. Ian Allan. 1964. 
  • The London & North Eastern Railway. Ian Allan. 1966. 
General railways
  • "The Coronation" and other famous L.N.E.R.trains. Nicholson & Watson. 1937. 
  • Titled trains of Great Britain. Ian Allan. 1946. 
  • Switzerland's Amazing Railways (4th revised ed.). Thomas Nelson & Sons, London. 1965. 
  • The Steel Highway. Longmans, Green & Co, London. 1928. 
  • Modern railways: their engineering, equipment and operation. Faber. 1959. 
  • Two million miles of rail travel: the autobiography of Cecil J. Allen. Ian Allan. 1965. 
  • Hymns and the Christian faith. London, Pickering & Inglis. 1966. [4]

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