Cecil Lake

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Cecil Lake is located in British Columbia
Cecil Lake
Cecil Lake
Location of Cecil Lake in British Columbia

Cecil Lake is a settlement in British Columbia.[1]

Cecil Lake is a farming community 20 minutes east of Fort Saint John. It was made available for homesteading during the 1930s many families settled in the area during that time. The land was cleared for farming, roads, houses, schools and churches were also built at that time. The area was considered remote because of the poor roads then. A good all-weather road and bridge across the Beaton River existed through the 1950s and 60s. Due to problems with the banks of the river sliding the road was re-located and the bridge replaced with two bridges in the 1990s. In 2013 Cecil Lake has two churches,an elementary school, post office/general store and a community hall.[citation needed]

Name origin[edit]

The community is named after nearby Cecil Lake, which was believed to have been named in 1910 for Cecil Morton Roberts, who was chief draughtsman at the Surveyor-General's Branch of the British Columbia Department of Lands who held that post in 1910.[2]


Coordinates: 56°18′00″N 120°35′00″W / 56.30000°N 120.58333°W / 56.30000; -120.58333