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Cecilia (fl. 1439), was a Danish lady-in-waiting, royal mistress and the morganatic spouse of the Scandinavian monarch Eric of Pomerania, king of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Cecilia was the lady in waiting of Eric's wife, Philippa of England. After the queen's death in 1430, she became King Eric's mistress. The relationship was a public scandal and is mentioned in the royal council's official complaints about Eric. According to legend, nobleman Oluf Axelsen Thott overturned her carriage, struck her three times with a sword, and told her to carry his compliments to King Eric, and say that she should part him and Denmark.[1]

Cecilia is described as loyal, and she followed Eric to Pomerania after he was deposed in 1439. She is to have married Eric sometime after the death of Philippa, unknown more exactly when.[2] Cecilia was never queen. In Pomerania, she is referred to as married to Eric in a donation to a convent.[3] She was last mentioned in 1439.


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