Cecilia Arizti

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Cecilia Arizti

Cecilia Arizti (28 October 1856 – 30 June 1930) was a Cuban composer, pianist and music educator.


Cecilia Arizti was born in La Loma del Angel, Havana, the daughter of pianist Fernando Arizti and his wife Teresa Sobrino. Arizti studied music with her father and composition with Francisco Fuentes and Espadero Ruiz, and showed an early talent for composition.[1][2]

After completing her studies, Arizti performed as a concert pianist in Cuba and the United States. She became a professor at the Conservatory Peyrellade, and published a manual of piano technique.[3]


Arizti's works are for piano and composed in Romantic style. Selected works include:

  • Impromptu in F minor
  • Vals lent
  • Romanza
  • Nocturn
  • Caprici
  • Reverie, Op. 16
  • Chamber Trio for piano, violin and cello[3]


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