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Cecrops II (Ancient Greek: Κέκρωψ) was the legendary or semi-legendary son of Pandion I and inherited the Athenian throne from his brother Erechtheus.

Cecrops is said to have divided his territory into twelve districts; to which Strabo assigns the names Cecropia, Tetrapolis, Epacria, Decelea, Eleusis, Aphidna, Thoricus, Brauron, Cytherus, Sphettus, and Cephisia.[1] In each of these districts there was a town or village, into which he introduced a form of religion, erected altars to the gods, and caused justice to be administered according to some salutary laws which be established.

After ruling for forty years, he was ousted by Metion and Pandorus, and fled to Aegilia or Aegialea where he would die.

Cecrops was succeeded in Athens by his son Pandion II (though Pandion II has also been said to be his nephew, the son of Erechtheus).

Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Athens Succeeded by
Pandion II


  1. ^ "Thus only eleven names are given in the most important MSS., though "Phalerus" appears after "Cephisia" in some (see critical note on opposite page). But it seems best to assume that Strabo either actually included Athens in his list or left us to infer that he meant Athens as one of the twelve." http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Strabo/9A*.html#note49