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Cedar is the common name for cedar wood, used for several different trees that grow in different parts of the world.

Cedar may also refer to:

Trees and plants[edit]

Pinaceae family[edit]

  • Cedrus or cedar, a genus of coniferous trees in the plant family Pinaceae
    • Lebanon cedar, Cedrus libani, a cedar native to Lebanon, western Syria and south central Turkey
    • Atlas cedar, Cedrus atlantica, a cedar native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria
    • Deodar cedar, Cedrus deodara, a cedar native to the western Himalayas
    • Cyprus cedar, Cedrus brevifolia, classified mainly to distinguish it from the Cedar of Lebanon, found in the island of Cyprus's Cedar Valley in the Troodos Mountains
  • Siberian pine (Pinus sibirica), occasionally erroneously referred to as Siberian cedar

Cupressaceae family[edit]

Meliaceae family[edit]

Other families[edit]


  • Cedar Paul, née Gertrude Mary Davenport (1880–1972), British singer, author, translator and journalist
  • Cedar Walton (born 1934), American jazz pianist
  • Howard Cedar (born 1943), Israeli American biochemist
  • Jon Cedar (1931–2011), American character actor, screenwriter and producer
  • Joseph Cedar (born 1968), Israeli film director and screenwriter
  • Larry Cedar (born 1955), American actor and a voice actor




  • Cedars of God, an ancient Cedrus libani forest and reserve, inscribed on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites

United States[edit]


  • Cedar!, 1967 debut album by pianist Cedar Walton
  • Cedar (EP), an extended play recording by Doves


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