Cedar Creek (North Dakota)

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Cedar Creek
USGS Gage House Cedar Creek North Dakota.jpg
USGS Gage House reflected in Cedar Creek, North Dakota
Basin features
Main source Slope County, North Dakota
2,963 ft (903 m)
46°18′14″N 103°20′49″W / 46.3038889°N 103.3469444°W / 46.3038889; -103.3469444 (Cedar Creek origin)
River mouth Confluence with the Cannonball River, Grant County, North Dakota
1,860 ft (570 m)
46°07′29″N 101°18′40″W / 46.1247222°N 101.3111111°W / 46.1247222; -101.3111111 (Cedar Creek mouth)Coordinates: 46°07′29″N 101°18′40″W / 46.1247222°N 101.3111111°W / 46.1247222; -101.3111111 (Cedar Creek mouth)
Progression Cedar Creek → Cannonball → Missouri → Mississippi → Gulf of Mexico
GNIS ID 1034769

Cedar Creek (also called the Cedar River) is a tributary of the Cannonball River in southwestern North Dakota in the United States.

It rises near White Butte, south of Amidon in the badlands of Slope County. It flows ESE, north of Whetstone Butte, then east, north of the Cedar River National Grassland, forming the northern border of Sioux County and the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. It joins the Cannonball approximately 15 mi (24 km) southwest of Shields.[1]

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