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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the October 19, 1864 Battle of Cedar Creek, the culminating battle of the Valley Campaigns of 1864 during the American Civil War. Order of battle compiled from the army organization[1] during the campaign.[2] The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Military rank abbreviations used[edit]

Army of the Valley[edit]

LTG Jubal Anderson Early, Commanding


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Ramseur's Division

     MG S.D. Ramseur (k)

Battle's Brigade

   BG Cullen A. Battle (w)

  • 3rd Alabama: --
  • 5th Alabama: Ltc E. La Fayette Hobson
  • 6th Alabama: --
  • 12th Alabama: Cpt P. D. Ross
  • 61st Alabama: Maj William E. Pinckard
Grimes' Brigade

   BG Bryan Grimes

  • 32nd North Carolina: Colonel David G. Cowand
  • 53rd North Carolina: Colonel David G. Cowand
  • 2nd North Carolina Battalion: Colonel David G. Cowand
  • 43rd North Carolina: Colonel John R. Winston
  • 45th North Carolina: Colonel John R. Winston
Cook's Brigade

   BG Philip Cook

  • 4th Georgia: Ltc William H. Willis
  • 12th Georgia: Cpt James Everett
  • 21st Georgia: Cpt Henry T. Battle
  • 44th Georgia: Ltc James W. Beck
Cox's Brigade

   BG William Ruffin Cox

  • 1st North Carolina: Cpt William H.Thomson
  • 2nd North Carolina: --
  • 3rd North Carolina: Cpt William H.Thomson
  • 4th North Carolina: --
  • 14th North Carolina: Cpt Joseph Jones
  • 30th North Carolina: Cpt John C. McMillan

Pegram's (Early's) Division

     BG John Pegram

Pegram's Brigade

   Col John S. Hoffman

Johnston's Brigade

   BG Robert D. Johnston

  • 5th North Carolina: --
  • 12th North Carolina: --
  • 20th North Carolina: Col Thomas F. Toon
  • 23rd North Carolina: --
  • 1st North Carolina Battalion Sharpshooters: Cpt R. E. Wilson
Godwin's Brigade

   LtCol William S. Davis (w)

  • 6th North Carolina: --
  • 21st North Carolina: --
  • 54th North Carolina: --
  • 57th North Carolina: --

Gordon's Division

     MG John Brown Gordon

Evans' Brigade

   BG Clement A. Evans

  • 13th Georgia: --
  • 26th Georgia: --
  • 31st Georgia: --
  • 38th Georgia: --
  • 60th Georgia: --
  • 61st Georgia: --
  • 12th Georgia Battalion: --
Hays'/Stafford's Brigade's


Remnants of 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 15th Louisiana Regiments: --

Terry's Brigade[3]

   BG William Terry

Old Stonewall Brigade

  • 2nd, 4th, 5th, 27th, and 33rd Virginia Consolidated Infantry Regiments: Col John H. S. Funk

Jones’ Old Brigade

Steuart’s Old Brigade

Kershaw's Division

     MG Joseph B. Kershaw

Conner's Brigade

   Maj James M. Goggin

  • 2nd South Carolina: Maj Benjamin R. Clyburn (w)
  • 3rd South Carolina: Maj Rutherford P. Todd (w)
  • 7th South Carolina: --
  • 8th South Carolina: --
  • 15th South Carolina: --
  • 20th South Carolina: Col Stephen M. Boykin
  • 3rd South Carolina Battalion: Cpt B. M. Whitener (k)
Humphreys' Brigade

   Col Daniel M. Moody (w)

  • 13th Mississippi: --
  • 17th Mississippi: --
  • 18th Mississippi: --
  • 21st Mississippi: --
Wofford's Brigade

   Col Christopher Columbus Sanders

  • 16th Georgia: --
  • 18th Georgia: --
  • 24th Georgia: --
  • 3rd Georgia Battalion: --
  • Cobb's (Georgia) Legion: --
  • Phillip's (Georgia) Legion: --
Bryan's Brigade

   Col James P. Simms

Wharton's Division

     BG Gabriel C. Wharton

Wharton's Brigade


Echol's Brigade

   Cpt Edmund S. Read

Smith's Brigade

   Col Thomas Smith


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Lomax's Division

     MG Lunsford L. Lomax

Imboden's Brigade

   Col George H. Smith

Bradley T. Johnson's Brigade

   BG Bradley T. Johnson

McCausland's Brigade

   BG John McCausland

Jackson's Brigade

   BG Henry B. Davidson

Rosser's (Fitz Lee's) Division

     BG Thomas L. Rosser

Wickham's Brigade


Payne's Brigade

   Col William H. F. Payne

Rosser's Brigade


Army Artillery[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others


     Col Thomas H. Carter

Braxton's Battalion


  • Virginia battery (Carpenter's): --
  • Virginia battery (Hardwicke's): --
  • Virginia battery (Cooper's): --
Cutshaw's Battalion


  • Virginia battery, (Carrington's): --
  • Virginia battery, (Tanner's): --
  • Virginia battery, (Garber's). --
Kings Battalion

   Ltc J. Floyd King

  • Virginia battery (Bryan's): --
  • Virginia battery (Chapman's): --
  • Virginia battery (Lowry's): --
Carter's Battalion


  • Alabama battery (Reese's): --
  • Virginia battery (W. P. Carter's): --
  • Virginia battery (Pendleton's): --
  • Virginia battery (Fry's): --
Nelson's Battalion

   Ltc William Nelson

    • Georgia battery (Milledge's): --
  • Virginia battery (Kirkpatrick's): --
  • Snead's Fluvanna Battery (Virginia battery (Massie's): --
Horse Artillery


  • Maryland battery (Griffin's): --
  • Virginia battery (Jackson's): --
  • Virginia battery (Lurty's): --
  • Virginia battery (McClanahan's): --
  • Virginia battery (Johnston's): --
  • Virginia battery (Shoemaker's): --
  • Virginia battery (Thomson's): --


  1. ^ Multiple commander names indicate command succession of command during the battle or the campaign.
  2. ^ Official Records, Series I, Volume XLIII, Part 1, pages 564-567
  3. ^ Composed of the fragmentary remains of fourteen of the regiments of Edward Johnson's division, most of which was captured by the enemy May 12, 1864.