Cedarock Park

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Cedarock Park
"Historic Nature Wonderland"
Protected area
Old Mill Dam on Rock Creek
Name origin: Large number of rocks and cedar trees in park
Country United States
State North Carolina
County Alamance County
Cities Four miles south of Burlington, near Bellemont
Elevation 539 ft (164 m)
Coordinates 35°59′41.36″N 79°26′24.15″W / 35.9948222°N 79.4400417°W / 35.9948222; -79.4400417Coordinates: 35°59′41.36″N 79°26′24.15″W / 35.9948222°N 79.4400417°W / 35.9948222; -79.4400417
Highest point Obel's Shelter
 - elevation 605 ft (184 m)
 - coordinates 35°59′21.77″N 79°26′54.68″W / 35.9893806°N 79.4485222°W / 35.9893806; -79.4485222
Lowest point Rock Creek
 - location On Rock Creek just past Persimmon Creek
 - elevation 491 ft (150 m)
 - coordinates 35°59′58.96″N 79°26′25.23″W / 35.9997111°N 79.4403417°W / 35.9997111; -79.4403417
Area 0.65 sq mi (2 km2)
Geology Sedimentary
Plants Loblolly pine, eastern white pine, eastern red cedar
Animals Wild turkey, American black bear, black rat snake, North American beaver
Founded 1973
Management Alamance County Recreation and Parks
 - location County Government
Visitation 140,000
IUCN category II - National Park
Cedarock Park is located in North Carolina
Cedarock Park
Location of Cedarock Park in North Carolina

Cedarock Park is a 414-acre (1.68 km2) nature preserve, historic farm, and passive-use park located near Bellemont in Alamance County, North Carolina.

Geographic setting[edit]

Cedarock Park sits on the banks of Rock Creek, a tributary of Great Alamance Creek on the northwestern side of the Cane Creek Mountains. Located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, the land is hilly and occasionally steep.

Human history[edit]

Prior to its use as a park, the land was used as a farm by the Garrett family beginning in 1830.[1] The site of the Garrett farm is part of the Cedarock Park Historic District and is known as Cedarock Historic Farm, an educational site where visitors can learn about farm life in 19th-century North Carolina and can encounter goats and donkeys.


The park has 6 miles (9.7 km) of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding, including some trails that are handicapped accessible. It has numerous picnic shelters, campsites, a fishing pond, playgrounds, three gazebos, and two disc golf courses.[2]

The most popular trail at the park is the handicapped-accessible trail that leads to an old rock dam used for water diversion for a now-demolished gristmill. The dam site is erroneously called a waterfall in several places in park literature.


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