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The Cedergren Medal is a rarely granted honor awarded to outstanding scientists in electrical engineering by the Cedergren Foundation. Only 14 have been issued since the recognition was created in 1914.[1] Mathematics genius and electrical engineering pioneer Charles P. Steinmetz was the first recipient of the honor's silver medal.

The award is administered on behalf of the foundation by the KTH - Royal Institute of Technology,[1] one of Europe's leading technical and engineering universities.[2]

In addition to funding the honor, the foundation, which was established in 1909, also uses its endowment fund's investment returns for scholarships to Swedish electro technicians. Namesake Henrik Tore Cedergren (1853-1909) was the founder of Stockholms Allmänna Telefon AB which merged with Lars Magnus Ericsson’s company in 1918 to become Allmänna Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson. Today, Ericsson is the world’s largest mobile communication network provider, holding 35% market share.[3]

Partial list of recipients[edit]


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