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Directed by Romy Suzara
Produced by Charo Santos-Concio
Lily Monteverde
Screenplay by Mari Mariano
Story by Shiro Ishimori
Based on Little Lord Fauntleroy
Starring Tom Taus
Ronaldo Valdez
Jacklyn Jose
Mark Gil
Noel Trinidad
Subas Herrero
Anita Linda
Thou Reyes
Carlo Aquino
Tita de Villa
Music by Nonong Buencamino
Cinematography Joe Batac
Edited by Joyce Bernal
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release date
  • May 8, 1996 (1996-05-08)
Country Philippines
Language English

Cedie also known as Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe (means Cedie: The Little Prince) is a 1996 Filipino family film loosely based on the popular anime Little Lord Fauntleroy which in turn based on the children's novel of the same name by English playwright and author Frances Hodgson Burnett. The film was directed by Romy Suzara who also directed the film adaptation of Princess Sarah. The film starred Tom Taus as Cedric Erol.


The story concerns an American boy named Cedie Erol, who at an early age finds that he is the sole heir to a British earldom and leaves New York City to take up residence in his ancestral castle, where, after some initial resistance, he is joined by his middle-class mother, the widow of the late heir. His grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt, intends to teach the boy to become an aristocrat, but Cedie inadvertently teaches his grandfather compassion and social justice and the artless simplicity and motherly love of Dearest warms his heart.

Cast and Characters[edit]

Supporting Role[edit]

  • Joseph McCarthy as Peter
  • Mila Ferrer as Elizabeth
  • Kenneth Cole as Mr Higgins
  • Penny Miller as Mrs. Higgins
  • Jose Javier de Silva as Wilkins
  • Clint Fadera as Mickey
  • Cris Soulios as Hartel
  • Eugene Christensen as Ben
  • Louie de Moral as Tom
  • Michael Cruz as the bully boy
  • Arsenio Ventosa as Alex
  • Ria Salvador as Kim
  • Eduardo Aquino as Dr. Gaston
  • Francisco da Silva as the Priest in Brooklyn


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