Cel (programming language)

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Paradigm Prototype-based
First appeared 1998
Stable release 0.8.5 / February 24, 2002
Typing discipline dynamic
Major implementations
Influenced by
Smalltalk, Self, Forth, NewtonScript, Objective-C, Python

Cel is an object-oriented prototype-based programming language based on Self which was heavily influenced by Smalltalk. The goal was to create a version of Self that would run under a lot of operating systems without strong ties to the Self GUI for development. For example, one could create a simple command line application in Cel without the high-overhead of the Self-system.

The syntax was almost exactly that of Self. However, some of the common prototype patterns were specified as ASCII art symbols. See the examples on the link below. Also, the language was not image based. It used normal text source files to create programs. As of 2002 it is no longer being supported or developed, but the code is freely available and functional. The system worked on Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux. The language was started by Dru Nelson in 1998.

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