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Celebrant may refer to:

  • Celebrant or Ceremonial Celebrant
  • Officiant, or leader of a liturgy or ceremony who is empowered to perform it - pending the legal entitlements of the country they practice in,
  • Celebrant (Australia), a legally authorised conductor of weddings
  • Celebrant (Ireland), an ethically trained person who will create and carry out a completely bespoke ceremony of any kind, at any time, in any location with limited restriction. Although currently ineligible to undertake legal aspect, signing of paperwork, this is usually done separately before/ after the ceremony in registration office.
  • Funeral Celebrants (Civil) - a conductor of funerals for non-church people
  • Humanist officiant or celebrant, the secular equivalent of a priest within many humanist organizations
  • Ceremonial Celebrant or celebrant, creates bespoke ceremonies for weddings, vow-renewals, naming ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies and funerals.

Celebrant may also refer to:

Celebrants often create tailor-made bespoke ceremonies for those looking to have a more alternative, and often secular, ceremony. The role and responsibilities vary from country to country. Some countries provide legal entitlements to Celebrants, which essentially means the legal paperwork is carried out at the ceremony itself. Some countries do not offer this legal entitlement, which essentially means the legal paperwork is carried out before or after the ceremony in a registry office.