Celebration (1970s band)

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Genres Rock, pop rock
Years active 1978–1979
Labels MCA, Pacific Arts Records, ADC Records
Associated acts The Beach Boys, King Harvest
Past members Mike Love
Dave "Doc" Robinson
Ron Altbach
Charles Lloyd
Paul Fauerso

Celebration was a short lived 1970s American rock band, fronted by Beach Boys lead singer Mike Love as well as members of the band King Harvest. Celebration released three albums before they broke up in 1979.


During the late 1970s, Beach Boys frontman Mike Love began to work on outside projects. His first major work was with a new band, Celebration. The band featured members of the short lived band King Harvest as well as future and current Beach Boys live backing members.[1] The band's first project was a soundtrack for the film Almost Summer, which featured the lead single of the same name written by Love and his Beach Boys band mates Al Jardine and Brian Wilson. The song reached No. 28 on the Billboard Top 40 in 1978.[2][3] The band followed up the album with two more albums, one of original material and another of disco numbers.[4] Despite several live appearances and some success, the band disbanded in 1979; however some members of the group continued to perform with Mike Love in the Beach Boys backing band.


Almost Summer album:

  • Mike Love - lead vocals
  • Charles Lloyd - saxophone, flute
  • Ron Altbach - keyboards
  • Dave "Doc" Robinson - bass, backing vocals
  • Paul Fauerso - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Ed Carter - guitar
  • Wells Kelly - bass
  • Gary Griffin - keyboards

Additional musicians:

  • Steve Douglas - sax
  • Rusty Ford - bass
  • Tom Smith - drums
  • Sterling Smith - synthesizers
  • Ed Tuleja - guitars
  • Dave Bunch - guitars
  • Maureen Love - harp

Celebration album:

  • Mike Love - lead vocals
  • Dave "Doc" Robinson - backing vocals
  • Ron Altbach - keyboards
  • Charles Lloyd - saxophone
  • Paul Fauerso - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Tim Weston - guitar
  • Kevin Brandon - bass
  • Kim Calkins - drums




  • 1978: "Almost Summer" - # 28 on Billboard Hot 100
  • 1979: "Starbaby"